Project Wilder: Miniatures

Here is a 3-D sculpt created in the VR program Oculus Rift. It is a joy to work in such an intuitive way using virtual reality. You can see more at:

This is the Hermit Misanthrope: A mountain-man trapper and hunter, who tracks so slowly his fur has developed moss and mushrooms. He wears his devices and even lays in wait, using his body and accoutrement as a trap.


Here are some 3-D prints of the model. This portion is quite a process. First you must configure the file and prep the printer, followed by a print that can take up to 13 hours, after a success or failure the models many supports must be cleaned away to reveal the product.


Below: The Hermit Mountian Man character on the left is the reference for this sculpt.


Character Art Process: Project Wilder

This piece is for my Thesis project Wilder at Pacific Northwest College of Art. It is a showcasing one of the four character classes available to players of this proposed tabletop role playing game.

Step 1: First I sketched the composition, and traced a cleaner version on a light table. After it was scanned I put it in Photoshop and adjusted the levels.


Step 2: I Start with color flats on the Characters. The flats are on their own layer under the line layer set to multiply. I use local color, not concerning myself with the light and temperature of the light. For now I'm just putting down blocks (sometimes placeholders) of color representing the materials inherent color. These blocks can be selected in the next steps as an individual or within a group to add light, temperature and to be made cohesive as a whole.


Step 3: Before I apply light I establish a general idea on the background, to provide context and allow me to adjust the elements together.


Next up, highlights and shadows, warms and cools!

Step 4-5: After adding some texture and shadows I flatten the artwork. I produce two identical layers on top of the original. These two layers are adjusted under color balance in Photoshop. Here is the first copy, above the original, adjusted to warm colors:




Here is the second copy, above the first warm copy and the original. Once in place I begin to erase with a soft and super soft round brush in the areas most affected by light and most important to the visual hierarchy. These areas that are erased reveal the warmth from the layer below. 


Step 6: Lastly the original layer comes in handy. I usually lower the opacity of the two "temperature" layers above, until I find a proper balance. That's it, this piece is done! Time to move on to the other three! :)


The 13th Warrior Movie Poster

It's finished! At least for now...

13th Warrior Final WEB.jpg

This poster was an exercise in drafting, requiring many compositions and reference for the elements contained. I watched Drew Struzan's Art Lesson DVD, he's the master behind the iconic movie posters of the 80's such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Olly Moss was also an influence on the overall composition. This was an attempt to hybridize my current approaches and knowledge and professional wisdom of these two masters. The piece itself was inked, scanned and colored in Photoshop.